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MoMA PS1, <Maria Lassnig: New York Films 1970–1980>

thoso 2018. 3. 6. 14:31

Kopf. c. 1976. USA. Directed by Maria Lassnig. Courtesy of the Maria Lassnig Foundation. © 2018 Maria Lassnig Foundation

Maria Lassnig: New York Films 1970–1980

MoMA PS1에서 2018년 6월 18일까지 실험영화 예술가 마리아 라스닉(MariaLassnig)의 1970년대에 뉴욕에서 작업했던 실험영화 작품들을 감상할 수 있습니다. 영화를 바라보고, 보는 방법에 대해 실험하는 라스닉의 영화 작품들이 새롭게 발견되고 복원되었기 때문에 실험영화 에 관심이 있으신 분이면 관람을 추천드립니다. 이 전시는 라스닉이 16mm, 8mm 로 촬영한 영화를 예술의 언어로써 시도한 작업들(라이브 액션 씬, 애니메이션 등)을 확인할 수 있습니다.

* 전시소개글

MoMA PS1 presents the world premiere of a series of experimental films the artist Maria Lassnig made in New York City in the 1970s. This presentation focuses on a selection of newly discovered and restored films that examine ways of looking and seeing bound up in bodily sensation. Newly restored by the Maria Lassnig Foundation in close collaboration with the Austrian Film Museum, these films incorporate animation, sound, and poetic voiceovers that encourage entry into the artist’s internal world.

Maria Lassnig: New York Films 1970–1980 highlights both finished films and film fragments, all produced using 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8, comprised of live action footage, animated drawings, animated paper cut-outs, and documentary footage of the artist’s studio and her surroundings in New York. These newly surfaced films enrich and complicate our understandings of Lassnig's approach to figuration and self-portraiture, as well as other key themes that she investigated throughout her career, including the social roles assigned to women, the tension between public engagement and private seclusion, and questions of technological advancement, especially of imaging technologies and shifts in the way images circulate.

The restoration was overseen by the artist’s longtime steward and collaborator, artist and Boardmember of the Maria Lassnig Foundation, Hans Werner Poschauko, in collaboration with Lassnig’s longtime colleague, Austrian filmmaker, painter, and performance artist Mara Mattuschka. The project was carried out in close collaboration with the Austrian Film Museum under the directorships of Alexander Horwath and Michael Loebenstein, who were indispensable to the restoration of these documents that attest to core principles of Lassnig’s thinking and practice across canvas and celluloid.

To kick off this exhibition, a world premiere screening accompanied by a comprehensive presentation detailing the restoration process will take place January 29 at The Museum of Modern Art as part of the museum’s Modern Mondays series as well as To Save and Project: The 15th MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation.

Organized by Jocelyn Miller, Assistant Curator, MoMA PS1.

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