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동영상이 지원되는 D90

알 수 없는 사용자 2008. 8. 27. 13:51

다른 에디터들이 탐내할만한 기사를 먼저 올리는군요^^

니콘에서 곧(!) 출시할 D90 에 무려 동영상 기능(!)이 탑재 된다고 하네요.

굳히 DSLR에 동영상 기능을 넣을 필요가 있겠느냐..하시겠지만(저역시 그랬었고)

다양한 렌즈(심지어 동영상 카메라들에 비해 저렴한!)를 이용하여 촬영을 할 수 있다는 엄청난 강점이 있군요!

화면의 심도 역시 품질 좋은 카메라들(영상)에 못지 않네요.

DSLR에는 원래 관심조차 없었는데

흠..이거 조금은 관심이 끌리는걸요..

재미난 작업을 많이 할 수 있을 듯 하고 말이지요.

대찬씨나 원준씨가 전문가(!)다운 평으로 제 지름신을 막아주시길^^

자세한 소개는 이곳에서..^^

Improved autofocus performance

The D90 demonstrates amazing autofocus accuracy by utilizing color and brightness information from its 420-pixel RGB sensor. When shooting in Auto-area AF mode, the camera quickly focuses on the main subject by detecting foreground, background and subject position. When using 3D-tracking (11 points) mode, the camera uses your subject’s color and brightness information to keep it in sharp focus as you change the composition.

Sophisticated auto exposure

Nikon’s 3D Color Matrix Metering II became one of the most highly acclaimed metering systems by delivering consistently well-balanced exposures — even in lighting conditions that confuse other systems. Further extending its exposure capability, Nikon’s Scene Recognition System evaluates each scene’s highlights, delivering even more light metering precision. Moreover, the D90 detects faces when using face priority AF, giving you ideal exposures of your human subjects.

Incredibly accurate auto white balance

Auto white balance combines with Nikon’s Scene Recognition System to analyze each scene’s light sources, cross-referencing this information with 5,000 actual picture data examples from over 20,000 images in its onboard white balance database. Even under mixed lighting or difficult light sources like mercury vapor lights, the D90 calculates an ideal white balance for remarkably faithful colors.

Playback zoom

Utilizing information from the new Face Detection System, the D90 detects up to ten human faces during playback. Select one face and the D90 zooms in for faster focus confirmation.